Pioneering healthcare staffing efficiency through AI

Our mission is driven by a commitment to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing organizations with cutting-edge technology, designed to streamline the complexities of scheduling and staffing. We aim to empower healthcare providers, facilities, and staffing agencies with intuitive, AI-driven tools that not only optimize operational efficiency but also enhance the quality of care delivered to patients. Through our innovative platform, we're dedicated to simplifying the intricacies of workforce management, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and fostering a more connected, efficient, and satisfied healthcare workforce.

Founded company

Embarking on a journey to transform healthcare staffing with innovation and expertise.

MVP launch

Marking our first major milestone with the launch of a Minimum Viable Product, designed to meet the pressing needs of the healthcare sector.

Secured funding with Antler

Accelerating our mission with strategic funding from Antler, enabling us to enhance our technology and expand our impact.

Released beta

Introducing our beta platform to the world, showcasing advanced features and inviting feedback to refine our solution.

Meet our team

The minds shaping the future of healthcare staffing.

Our strategic advisor

Our platform's guiding light and their passion-driven expertise fuel our mutual excitement.

And our trusted advisors

Guidance powered by industry leaders.

  • Dave Rotholz

    Healthcare Sales Leader

    Previous GTM Leader at Bitly, Attentive and Klara Health