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LastMinute was born out of a profound personal experience in 2016 when Leo Dassa, our founder and CEO, moved to Boston. Every weekend, Leo accompanied his best friend and brother, Dr. Yonathan Allon Dassa, to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, where Yonathan was undergoing chemotherapy.

Despite often being understaffed, the nurses at Dana Farber demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their patients, a dedication that left a lasting impression on Leo. The nurses’ ability to provide exceptional care under challenging circumstances was a testament to their resilience and professionalism.

Dr. Yonathan, a physician working 80-hour weeks while undergoing treatment, often expressed his gratitude, saying, "My job is easy. I show up and the nurses do the rest." His words highlighted the crucial role nurses play in patient care.

Inspired by this experience, and under the guidance of our Chief Nursing Officer, Leslie BSN, RN, DNP-S, LastMinute was created. Leslie’s extensive nursing experience informed the development of a platform designed to step in when resources are scarce, ensuring every patient receives the care they need.

Leveraging AI and predictive analytics, our software automates healthcare staffing and integrates seamlessly with existing solutions. LastMinute is dedicated to providing the best and safest possible care by optimizing workforce management through innovative technology.

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My job is easy. I show up, and the nurses do the rest.

Dr. Yonathan Dassa
Beloved brother and son

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Our core values guide every decision we make, ensuring we deliver exceptional solutions that empower healthcare professionals and enhance patient care.

We constantly push the boundaries of healthcare technology.
Teamwork and open communication drive our success.
Customer Focus.
Our clients’ needs are at the heart of our solutions.
We commit to sustainable practices for a healthier future.
We prioritize compassionate care in our technology and service.
We empower healthcare professionals to deliver their best.

Our founders

The all-star team behind LastMinute, dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare staffing.

  • Leo Dassa

    Founder and CEO

    University of Maryland 30 under 30

  • Michael Hatter

    Co-founder and CTO

    Full Sail University

  • Leslie Hirshberg

    Co-founder and CNO

    BSN, RN, DNP-S

    Boston College Connell School of Nursing

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