Healthcare Workforce Optimization with AI

Empowering healthcare professionals with AI-driven software to automate scheduling, enhance decision-making, and ensure safer staffing levels for optimized patient care.

Saved weekly on average for scheduling
Improved staffing efficiency
Fewer manual schedule corrections
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Staffing exceptions are handled automatically

Optimize your internal staffing with powerful tools designed to streamline processes and enhance workforce management.

Call Outs.
Handle unexpected absences seamlessly with tools designed to manage call outs effectively.
Shift Swaps.
Allow staff to easily swap shifts while maintaining optimal coverage and compliance.
Shift Offers.
Offer available shifts to qualified staff members, ensuring all shifts are filled promptly.
Swap Shifts

Your schedule is ready for whatever your day throws at you

Effortlessly manage all your staffing needs with our dynamic scheduling tools, designed to adapt to any situation.

Adaptive shift management.
Easily adjust shifts and assignments to accommodate last-minute changes, ensuring every shift is covered.
Intelligent forecasting.
Utilize AI-driven insights to predict staffing needs and prevent over- or under-staffing.
Automatic Schedule Generation.
Generate schedules automatically based on availability, skill sets, and staffing requirements.
Utilize customizable templates to create and manage schedules quickly and efficiently.
Auto Schedule

Comprehensive, data-driven reports and insights

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting tools that help you make data-driven decisions for better outcomes.

Detailed Analytics.
Access in-depth reports on staffing efficiency, patient outcomes, and resource utilization.
Customizable Reports.
Tailor reports to meet your specific needs and get the information that matters most to your organization.
Real-Time Data.
Stay informed with up-to-the-minute data and insights to quickly respond to changing conditions.
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Crafted for the most productive healthcare teams

Boost your team’s productivity with powerful tools like keybindings and a command palette, enabling scheduling at the speed of thought.

Efficient navigation.
Use keybindings to quickly access frequently used functions and streamline your workflow.
Command Palette.
Harness the power of a versatile command palette to execute commands swiftly and efficiently.
Custom Shortcuts.
Create custom shortcuts to fit your unique workflow, reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.
Command Palette

What our users say

“PocketRN is a virtual nursing platform and this is an issue I see with our customer organizations; they actively are struggling with this everyday. They are having challenges around calling in/out, swapping shifts, finding last minute coverage, and having an easier scheduling workflow. This is something they are missing and needing.”

Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines
CEO of PocketRN

"The capabilities have far surpassed anything else we have used or trialed... never expected to be excited about this type of software, but LastMinute has proved me wrong!"

Victor Bycroft
Chief Nursing Officer

"I can't emphasize enough how much predictive analytics has impacted our decision-making processes. Thanks to LastMinute, we're now able to make data-driven scheduling decisions with confidence."

Maria Chavez
Director of Nursing

"The comprehensive personalization options have been a game-changer. Our nurses feel valued, and loyalty has never been stronger."

Robert Turner
Director of Staff Scheduling

"The AI-powered chatbot has transformed our support for nurses when a manager isn't available. Faster responses and better satisfaction. Truly impressive!"

Sarah Williams
Nurse Manager

"The insights and reporting tools have been invaluable. We're now able to identify trends and make proactive decisions to ensure our nurses are always supported."

Emily Johnson
Human Resources

Make LastMinute part of your critical workflows

From intuitive forecasting to realtime coverage alerts, LastMinute is the future of automating healthcare scheduling. We're dedicated to maintaining safe staffing levels for optimal patient care.