Healthcare Workforce Optimization with AI

Empowering healthcare professionals with AI-driven software to automate internal staffing and make better decisions. With smart swapping and collaborative scheduling, LastMinute is the future of automating healthcare workflow.

Empowering features

Everything you need to manage your team

Discover a suite of innovative features designed to transform the way you manage your healthcare team.

Smart Scheduling

Ensure optimal coverage and maintain crucial staff-to-patient ratios. Anticipate needs and effortlessly manage shift transitions across your healthcare team.

Predictive Call Outs

Leverage AI technology to anticipate possible staff shortages before they occur, preventing potential crises and ensuring the continuation of high-quality patient care.

Professional Matching

Never worry about understaffed shifts or mismatched skills. Our Professional Matching algorithm pairs the perfect healthcare professional to the right shift, every time.

Intelligent Reminders

Never miss a beat with our Intelligent Reminders. Be it a shift change, medication reminders, or important updates, we ensure you're always informed and prepared.

Intelligent Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with our Intelligent Reporting. Gain insights on staffing patterns, staff efficiency, and more for unparalleled administrative efficiency.

Real-Time Communication

Ensure seamless team collaboration with instant updates and critical information sharing, promoting efficiency and high-quality patient care.

From our founder's desk

Crafted with purpose, driven by passion

In 2016, I stepped into a world that would change my life. Moving up to Boston, every weekend, my best friend and brother, Dr. Yonathan Allon Dassa, and I would find ourselves at Dana Farber Cancer, where he was getting chemo. Many weekends, the nurses would start their shift with a look in their eyes that said, "We're running thin today, but we promise to do everything we can for our patients."

As always, the nurses were doing an amazing job, but could only be in so many places at one time to provide the same level of quality care understaffed. Yonathan would always say, "my job is easy. I show up and the nurses do the rest." This was coming from a doctor, who worked 80 hour work weeks to attend to his patients with a chemo pouch attached to him. Still, he would say, “the nurses are the reason I am alive.”

With our CNO, Leslie BSN,RN,DNP-D, leading the initiative, we built a platform aimed to step in when resources are scarce, ensuring that every patient gets the care they need. Leslie paved the way to build software that automates healthcare staffing through AI and predictive analytics, integrating with your other solutions.

For us, it was about providing the best care possible and with Leslie’s nursing experience, we learned it was about providing the best care possible in the safest way possible.


We have worked with thousands of amazing healthcare professionals

“PocketRN is a virtual nursing platform and this is an issue I see with our customer organizations; they actively are struggling with this everyday. They are having challenges around calling in/out, swapping shifts, finding last minute coverage, and having an easier scheduling workflow. This is something they are missing and needing.”

Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines
Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines
CEO of PocketRN

“The capabilities have far surpassed anything else we have used or trialed... never expected to be excited about this type of software, but LastMinute has proved me wrong!”

Victor Bycroft
Victor Bycroft
CNO of Humboldt